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Privace Notice
I.1. Privacy and confidentiality

According to the provisions of Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection Personal Data (Act), we inform you that personal data we provide through our website or by electronic mailings, be incorporated into an automated file belonging to XXXXXXXXXXXX (hereinafter XXXXXXXXXXXX), established in XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX, SPAIN in order to manage, provide, expand and improve services on the Web site, perform the contracts by the same are made, send survey forms, to study the use of services by Users, send service updates and to send you information advertising and / or promotion of products and services offered by XXXXXXXXXXXX or any third party related to the sale of consumer goods that can be of interest, the User expressly consenting to submit this information by any means, including electronic, including e-mail.

For users to provide their data to XXXXXXXXXXXX and non-users, them expressly agree that the fact submit your information to XXXXXXXXXXXX equivalent your express permission to send advertising via this medium. of If not, please do not provide your information and / or communication referred to XXXXXXXXXXXX whatsoever. The User expressly grants the necessary consent to XXXXXXXXXXXX can communicate such condition of user to those third parties who have intention to send an email invitation to join XXXXXXXXXXXX, to avoid such a referral.

It also informs the user that in case of using the option to "recommend" XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX will inform the person to send the recommendation for User who will be invited user, so that certain personal data potential will be issued to the godson.

User's consent to receive commercial communications by e electronic mail or equivalent, may be revoked by notice sent to the following email address: info@XXXXXXXXXXXX well ordinary mail addressed to XXXXXXXXXXXX in the address specified above.

By the very nature of service and contents of the Website, it is essential Users able to refer to commercial communications by e-mail. Therefore, in the event of the occurrence of withdrawal of consent provided in the previous paragraph, it automatically entail cessation and abandonment in the condition of user of XXXXXXXXXXXX by whoever runs such revocation.

Also, the user has the ability to access their personal data and carry out the necessary changes in connection therewith. In this regard, User agrees to provide certain information about their data personal, and maintaining the data provided to XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX updated.

Users may exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending a communication to the address specified in the first subparagraph of this paragraph, or to the email address: info@XXXXXXXXXXXX

XXXXXXXXXXXX informs the user, the non-binding nature of the collection of such data fields except where indicated otherwise. However, no filling such data may prevent XXXXXXXXXXXX provide all those services related to such data, freeing them from liability for the withholding or delivery incomplete for these services.

You will be liable, in any case, the veracity of the information provided, XXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX reserves the right to exclude from the registered services to all Users who has provided false information, without prejudice to other actions that in law.

XXXXXXXXXXXX allows its users to invite others (family, friends, etc) to join as users, community XXXXXXXXXXXX, by sending an email mail invitation, called email recommendation. To this Indeed, the user running the option of "advice" offered by XXXXXXXXXXXX say they have obtained the necessary consent to the transfer of data Personal of the person you sent the invitation XXXXXXXXXXXX, having reported the same on the terms contained in Article 5.4. Data Protection Act and have collected express consent to the shipment from commercial communications XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX own or third parties concerning products and / or services themselves or others related to the sale of consumer goods.

Similarly, the user running the above option to "recommend" is the solely responsible for any reason and / or sanctions that could arise during or as a consequence of the absence of consent email recipient to treat their sponsorship data personal and / or any irregularities in obtaining such consent.

II. Minors

Our services are aimed at seniors, assuming that some of our services are specifically targeted for children, XXXXXXXXXXXX seek the approval of parents or guardians to collect the personal data or, where appropriate, for the automated processing of data according set out in legislation. If the User is a minor, is required that have the prior consent of their parents or guardians prior the inclusion of personal data in the forms of the Website.

III. Use of cookies

XXXXXXXXXXXX advised that while browsing the Web Site uses "cookies" small data files that are generated in the user's computer and we provide the following information:

a) The date and time you access the Web Site. This allows us to find out the hours more traffic and make the necessary adjustments to avoid saturation at peak times.
b) The number of daily visitors to each section. This lets us know the most successful areas and increase and improve their content so that users obtain a more satisfactory result.
c) The date and time of the last time you visited the Website.
d) The design of content that the user chose in his first visit to the Site Web.
e) Security elements involved in controlling access to restricted areas.

The information collected is completely anonymous and can never be associated with a specific user and identified. This information allows XXXXXXXXXXXX adapt and improve its services to the interests of the user. However, the user has the option of preventing the creation of cookies by selecting the appropriate option in your browser. XXXXXXXXXXXX reports that in the event that disable the use of cookies navigation can be slower than usual.

IV. Free text fields

The free text fields, to the User, may appear in the Website are the sole and exclusive object is to collect information to improve the quality of services, particularly the delivery of the products purchased. The User shall not include those spaces that the Website may offer as "open fields", no personal data that can be described within those data they require a level of protection for average or high, without notice to XXXXXXXXXXXX, as defined by the regulations (by way not limited to data on ideology, religion, beliefs, membership labor, health, race and / or sex life).
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